Monday, 19 August 2013

Long-distance ❤

Today marks the 250th day I decided I'm going to go all the way and have long-distance everything.

Ever since my family migrated, I've kept in contact with friends that are 3673 miles away from me. I've known them for five years now and although it doesn't seem that long, I'm certain that they're life-long friends. Through ups and downs, sunshine and rain, both extremes, you name it, they've been there for me and I for them.

That's why I value the friendship we all share. The kind where we can have no communication for a long time and when we finally do, it's as if no distance or lack of contact ever happened.
Well, this one's not that much of a different story, really.
I've known this guy for at least 7 years but we never talked.. until last year when I went for a holiday in the Philippines. It was weird, natural, but definitely weird how we just clicked straight away.
It was like we had the same train of thought, ha. ;)
I don't want to go in too much detail about all that happened but yes,
8 months later and he's still there for me, not only as a boyfriend, but as a friend who can tolerate listening to me talk about nonsense and little stories about anything and everything in my head for more than five hours at a time.

I'd always say how others have long-distance relationships while here I am proud of my long-distance friendships. Never knowing that I too
would be in one soon enough.
From plain old text messaging and calling cards, to Skype video calls, to Viber, to Rebtel, to Facebook and a few more, I forget that these people are four states, three countries and eleven seas away from me.

This is for the friends I haven't seen for a long time..

And the friends I met through the internet..

And the friends I've known more than half of my life..   

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