Friday, 16 August 2013

For the love of coffee.. and the future

 I wanted to tell a funny, inspiring anecdote about my life but then again, as many stories as I can tell you, I can't choose what to tell. So I'll start with one thing that hasn't changed for the past seven years. Well, except for my love for writing and reading. My hopes to be a lawyer.
Up until I graduated primary school, I wanted to be a teacher. Funny thing is, all those years, I knew I wasn't going to be a good one.

As early as Grade 2 (8 years old), I was already a pretend "teacher" to a few kids my age and younger but I was always impatient when they answer my questions wrong, feeling like they should understand it straight away. Maybe it was me, not being clear or maybe it was what I taught them that never made it work. Honestly, it was just a lost cause but I enjoyed it somehow.
As funny as it was, we did keep at it the whole summer.

Fast forward to the 12-year-old me, starting first year of high school. I vaguely remember how it started but I know for sure that it was then when I felt that my calling was to be a lawyer. All four years of high school, I spent dreaming about the future where I would study Political Science in a good university, specifically West Visayas University.

In the Philippines, bachelor degrees go for four years and it just happened that my preferred course goes for eight years: 4 years of any bachelor degree and another 4 years for Law.
I got accepted into two universities during my senior year. One of the few achievements I will forever treasure and be extremely proud of. University of the Philippines is considered a prestigious university, one of the best back in the Philippines.
Getting into my dream university made my day but getting into UP made my whole year. It was a total surprise as it was only the class valedictorian and I that got in. 
I guess I'll have to cut the story short and in the end, I chose WVSU because of practicality as I got into the same course for both universities anyway(we were waiting for migration papers too).It did break my heart at first but a month after classes started, we received news that our visa was approved and we were leaving. Plus in that six weeks I was a university student, I met a few people I consider friends, more so family, that I still get in contact with until now.

And now, here I am, three years after, still hoping to be closer to my life-long dream to be a lawyer. Two more years and I might finally get into a Law degree. Like a friend told me, "Don't worry about being old and not finishing your studies yet. You'll get there. Life's not a race. Just hold on."

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