Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Crash And Burn

The ups and downs of life are mere parts of it. Putting something down as a definite 'up' or 'down' is like living in a world where it's only either black or white. No grey areas, no shades, no colours at all.

Today, I witnessed a friend of mine break down because it seems to her that every aspect of her life is just spiralling down and that she can't do anything to save it: her father being close to death but refusing to quit smoking anyway, her mother being suffering from depression and not even wanting to get out of bed all day because of her failed marriage, her sister's failed marriage and ex-brother-in-law's threats to kill his own children and on top of that, finally being told the truth about the first guy she loved deeply cheating on her with a girl that she considered a best friend.

It's as if her life is a book and this is the part before the climax where the main character has to suffer every imaginable problem anyone can think of to arise a new person: successful, contented and at most, happy.

She's the type of person who you'd never think of as someone who's carrying all this weight on her shoulders, she puts a front that no one can break through and that is how I can say she's strong. I know she'll get through all this like the protagonist she is.

What is life is but a series of mishaps and little joys that make a person whole.


  1. Nice post ;)